Chaminade High School

Chaminade High School is a Roman Catholic college preparatory high school for approximately 1,700 boys in Mineola, New York. Thomas graduated in 2015, having been involved in National Honor Society, Football, Track and Field, Chess Club, Science Club, Social Studies Club, Economics Club, Sacristans, Intramurals and Intramurals Officials Club. The leadership, faculty and staff offered exceptional support to Thomas and his family during and after his illness. They, and the entire Chaminade community, have been a source of comfort, guidance and strength from the beginning of Thomas’ illness until this day.

A Scholarship to Honor Thomas

Thomas was best described by one of the Chaminade teachers, Mr. Dubon, as “the closest thing to a Saint that I will meet in my lifetime.” Five priests attended Thomas’ funeral mass and his eulogy is the most viewed article on Chaminade’s Tarmac website with over 16,251 views!

Celebrating Accomplishments Made Together

At Chaminade, he was loved by all. Even though he and I had long commutes and missed homeroom in the morning, he still made sure to get to know everyone in it and show them he cared by going to intramurals, dodge ball night, and the like. And as time went on, they cared about him more and more. When he got sick, they were some of his biggest fans, sending cards, messages, and prayers his way, and always asking me how he was doing. It was the same with the football program. Tom only played JV and didn’t see much of the field. But in classic Tom manner, he befriended practically the entire team and earned the respect of a lot of people for his work ethic.